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IRIS 2007-1:Extra

Agreement between Austria and Luxembourg on Relations in the Audiovisual Sector

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Robert Rittler

Gassauer-Fleissner Attorneys at Law, Vienna

At the beginning of 2007, the Republic of Austria and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg reached agreement on co-operation in the audiovisual sector. The agreement entered into force in early September 2007. The aim of film co-production is to support the film industry and promote economic and cultural exchanges between the two states.

Films co-produced under this agreement are to enjoy the privileges that apply in both countries to domestically made films. The preconditions for the recognising co-productions as such include the requirement for the producer’s registered office to be in a contracting state, the employment of staff from the contracting states in proportion to their share of the funding, and certain contractual agreements to share proceeds and duplication rights. The overall aim is to ensure a balance between the artistic, technical and financial contributions from both countries. This will be monitored by a commission.

Abkommen zwischen der Regierung der Republik Österreich und der Regierung des Großherzogtums Luxemburg vom 23. Januar 2007 über Beziehungen im audiovisuellen Bereich samt Durchführungsbestimmungen (BGBl. III Nr. 86/2007), abrufbar unter: DE
  Agreement on relations in the audiovisual sector between the governments of the Republic of Austria and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg of 23 January 2007, including implementing provisions (Federal Law Gazette III No. 86/2007)